Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective treatment method dedicated to improving movement and functionality in people whose age, disease or injury has restricted them. Physical therapists (PTs) help patients recover through the use of restorative exercises that focus on developing muscle strength, flexibility, balance, posture, coordination and overall pain relief. PTs do their best to promote overall health and fitness to their clients both to aid in the patient's recovery, and also to prevent re-injury and maximize the patient's quality of life.

Physical therapists use a combination of exercises and stretches to aid their patients.  These may be combined with relaxation and recuperation techniques, such as electro-stimulus and hot-cold treatments. Many physical therapy sessions will begin with a heating and/or stretching session to prepare the body for the mechanical work it is about to endure. This is not to say physical therapy exercises are extremely demanding; however, the extra preparation could be vital to ensuring a smooth workout.

The core of the physical therapy session usually involves physical exercises designed around the patient's condition to strengthen the body. These exercises normally progress in difficulty and intensity over the course of many sessions. For example, a patient recovering from knee surgery may start with light leg lifts with just an ankle-weight, but may progress to using the treadmill and actual quadriceps and hamstrings machines. Additionally, some physical therapists can be holistic in their approach, training more than just the problematic area. In the previous example, the patient may be given a short duration workout on the arm-bike to promote upper body strength while their lower body is out of commission.

A physical therapy session usually ends with an icing session or therapeutic massage; electro-stimulus may be utilized again during this cool down period. The physical therapist will record and may state the patient's progress for the day, as well as possible goals for the next session. It is important to note that in many cases, a good deal of therapy can be done outside of the therapist's office. It is always a good idea to ask your doctor and/or physical therapist for exercises or stretches you can safely do at home to speed the recovery rate.

Paul Moroney, P.T.

Paul Moroney PT Physical Therapist | Reisterstown MD | Owings Mills MDMeet Paul Moroney, Director of Physical Therapy for Koman Orthopedics and Sports Medicine:

Paul has over 19 years of experience with sports related injuries as well as acute care rehabilitation.

His qualifications and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree from Northeastern University
  • Cecil County School System working with children affected with physical and developmental disabilities
  • Howard County General Hospital dealing in both acute and outpatient settings
  • Direct Care Physical Therapy Director
  • Life Fitness Staff Physical Therapist
  • Utilization of McKenzie approach and Core Stabilization in addition to many other diverse and unique techniques

Paul is very creative in designing specific exercises for each individual patient’s needs. His goal is continually striving to gain more knowledge so that he can constantly give his patients the best possible care. He explains, “I always try to help them achieve a better quality of life, one with less pain and limitations.”

Paul has a strong passion for soccer, having grown up in Ireland, but he enjoys many other sports as well. He has competed nationally in cross country, regionally in road, track and field and presently runs 5K’s to half marathons.  Paul currently resides in Owings Mills with his wife and two children.

corey Hahn, P.T.A.

Meet Corey Hahn, Physical Therapist Assistant for Koman Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Corey is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with clinical experience in outpatient and Hospital settings.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree from Towson University in Exercise Science
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Degree from Carroll Community College
  • Certified to treat TMJ disorders
  • Seven years experience as a qualified Physical Therapy Technician

Corey takes pride in addressing every patient’s individual needs to reach their physical therapy goals while providing the highest quality care to each patient.  He has helped patients return to their respective sport through strengthening and technique modification when necessary.

Corey has a passion for all sports but especially golf and baseball, since he played both for Franklin High School.  He continues to play golf and participates in a local coed softball league.